Groveshire Yorkies
Our Precious Dogs that are Gone to Rainbow Bridge

~~~We will meet again someday~~~

SAPPHIRE-Our first yorkie
(Sept.23/89 - Sept.28/01)
~May you rest in peace, daddy's little girl~

(June 8th, 1993 - July 30th, 2004)
(Am/PR/LA/INTL'Ch Caraneal's Charged and Ready X Ch. Bloomsbury Toodlelu)

"Our Little Angel Has Her Wings"


In June of 2001, our lives were enriched by a beautiful little Yorkie in her retirement years.
At the age of 8, Flair walked into our lives
and began the journey of leaving numerous little footprints on our hearts.

We could never have realized the wonderful adventure we were about to embark upon.
From the first day she arrived, that winning personality was beyond anything we had ever known.
Every minute of every day, Flair displayed a level of affection
that would win over even the most steadfast of proclaimed non-dog lovers.
She began each day with a loving lick of your eyelids to ensure you were awake
and ready to give her some well-deserved attention.
She would look into your eyes with a loving stare
that made you want to spend your entire day holding her,
petting her and telling her what a joy she was to have in your life.

We often referred to Flair as our "Queen," for she truly had a majestic quality about her.
She had the characteristics of a true little lady,
as she performed every canine duty with a regalness
that would make you stop whatever you were doing and observe her.
Even when she greeted visitors at the door, she invited them inside with a manner befitting a refined socialite.
Once inside, visitors realized why they had been greeted in such a way...
you had to pet her and tell her about her beauty - this was her reward for being such a hospitable host.
Man, woman, young and old alike fell in love with this little girl;
it was impossible not to be affected by the loving temperament of this beautiful creature.

There was never a dog who could demand your attention just by her very presence like Flair could.
As she anticipated affection from every person who would stop to meet her while out walking and playing,
she would assume a stance that somehow let you know that she believed she was beautiful
and now you have the honour of being acknowledged and kissed by her.

I could write pages, perhaps even a book, about how our lives were touched by this spectacular animal.
Even then, I doubt I could relay all that is in my heart.
As we strive to deal with our grief at her passing,
we constantly remind ourselves of the gratitude we feel for having had her as part of our lives.
Even in our darkest hours, Flair was a reminder of all that is good in this world.
She was kindness, caring, concern and,
most importantly, unconditional love brought to life in the body of a little Yorkshire Terrier.

And, for each tear we shed since her passing, a complementing smile also arises.
We are truly thankful to Preston and Mary Lou for giving us the chance to love that little lady
who was so deserving of all the care and attention we bestowed upon her.

Sweet dreams, our little Flair,
and forever we will kiss you good morning and good night.
Your little mother of pearl urn sits next to your picture and we will always adorn it with love.
Not even your absence will remove you from our hearts, our minds and our souls.
Our little angel has her wings.

Love, Melony & Roxanne (owners of Flair)

Rest in peace, my darling JADE

If tears could build a stairway~
~and memories,a lane
I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again

(BPIS Can.Ch.Aero Ima Classic at Groveshire x Can Ch. Nicnaks's Mama Mia)
lovingly owned and shown by Melanie Barnes

~~~Rest in peace our darling, Diesel~~~

Group Winner,Best Puppy in Group, Multi Group Placing and Multi Best of Breed
~Best Puppy At the Canadian National Yorkie Specialty (2000)
(Dec.30/99-June 15/06)

(Ch Bloomsbury Manorborn Maverick x Manorborn Rainbeau Brite)
Reno was owned by Barry Ogley of Nova Scotia

Passed away in the presence of his Daddy, Barry...

A thousand prayers won't bring you back,
We know because we tried,
A neither will a thousand tears,
We know because we cried.

Our lives must go on without you,
Nothing will be the same,
We'll have to hide our heartaches,
When someone speaks your name.

We'll all miss you, Reno.
You were a wonderful show dog.....
the dog that started Barry down the path of showing and breeding.
For Barry, life will never be the same.
He says, with tears, "it's like something inside of him died."
His family lost a happy, dedicated, loving pet.
Myself and Preston, as breeders of Reno,
lost our very first home-bred show dog that received numerous group placements, a group win
and recognition at a National Specialty with a Best Puppy in Specialty
.....but Barry has lost more....
.....He has lost his best friend.

Reno's Pedigree
More Pictures of Reno
A list of Reno's wins

Reno placed #3 Yorkie in Canada in 2002 with very limited showing

3rd (Sweeps), 4th YTC of America, 4th YTC of Greater New York at her first show
(Nicnak's Mia Rock x Ch Aero's Sweet Betty)

Cali's Pedigree
More pictures of Cali
A picture of Cali's Parents

Multi-Group Placing
(Ch Bloomsbury Manorborn Maverick x Manorborn Flair)
Molly is now living a great life with her buddies, Keisha and Winkle, at Tracey Power and Jeff Haire's home
At just over 11 years old, Molly (aka Mol Mol) passed peacefully away in her mom's arms.
Molly, your name says it all---We wish you were here :(

Molly's Pedigree
A list of Molly's wins

CH AERO'S SWEET BETTY(~Bailey~) DOB Oct.29,1998

(Am/Can Ch Aero's Canadian Classic x Am/Can Ch Aero's Sweet Treat)
Thank-you, Linda Dahn, for entrusting us with three exquisite Aero dogs, Bailey, Jasper, and Cruise. We hope to do you proud.
A picture of Bailey's Parents


Fergie was bred by Linda Dahn (Aero Yorkies) in British Columbia. When she was 8 yrs old, Fergie and her daughter made the long flight here from BC to go to a new home here in Newfoundland. We were really just picking up the dogs and placing them with the new owners, as a favor to our good friend, Linda. The new home didn't work out. Rather than send them all the way back to BC, we looked for another home here in Newfoundland. Unfortunately, we couldn't find someone to take both the mom and daughter together. At around the same time, our beloved yorkie, Sapphire, passed away. Fergie somehow worked her way into Preston's heart and he decided he just couldn't live without her. Fergie was with us ever since. She slept on my pillow every night and although she was almost 15 yrs old, she still acted like a puppy and demanded to get her own way. If she wanted to get a drink of water at night or if she wanted to go potty, she would scratch at my head until I woke up. And if that doesn't work, she would proceed to try and wake up Preston. Finally, if all else failed, she would toddle over to the doggy stairs that we have next to our bed and walk down the stairs herself. She was so funny!Life will never be same without our "Ferg the werg".

On February 18/10, we lost Fergie who was very dear to our hearts.
This 15 yr old gal just went to sleep, and didn't wake up.
We instantly fell in love with Fergie and it wasn't long before she found her forever home,
sharing Preston's pillow or my pillow each and every night.
For the next 7 years, she was treated like the queen that she was.
She enjoyed many trips 'around the bay' to our summer home.
Fergie especially LOVED it when Preston would cook up
a batch of ground beef,sweet potato, pasta or rice,baby spinich,green peas, etc.
especially for her, because she loved it sooooooooooo much.
Her favorite treat was to share plain potato chips with me, as we watched TV in bed at night.
In the end, Fergie was deaf, and her eyesight began failing her.
But that didn't stop her from doing all the things she loved, like sleeping in bed with us.
She could still walk up and down the doggy stairs to the bed, and never missed the pee pee pad.
We will miss you Fergie Wergie at Groveshire will never be the same. :((