PIPPA, loved by Brad Fudge and Pam Oates



LILY--owned and loved by Juliet, and other members of the Estremera family....mom, Mabel, dad Peter, and brother, Christian.

DANCER & JAZZ--are loved by Connie Fudge and Peggy Brake in Corner Brook

CHASE and TIMMY with their owner Rod Snelgrove, of Paradise, NF.
This picture was featured in the National Racing Magazine, "Racer X" and garnered lots of attention.
Chase and Timmy LOVE going for rides.
Chase even has his own helment!

Chase and Timmy are also loved by mom, Kim Snelgrove

BOBBIE (aka ViVi)---lovingly owned by Christina and Karen

Proud owners are Corey amd Claudine Morgan of Bay Roberts

KEISHA AND MOLLY- proud owners of these 2 Canadian Champions are Tracey Power and Jeff Haire of Moncton, New Brunswick.
~~Rest in Peace, Molly~~

Another picture of KEISHA


Keisha, Molly and Winkle

DIGGER is lovingly owned by Sonya Collier of CBS, NF

TORI is owned by Candace Rose and Trevor Way of St.John's,NF

MILLIE was lovingly owned and cherished by Melony O'Neill and Roxane Snow of St.John's,NF
~~Rest in Peace~~

EXPLORE is owned by Tristan Watkins of Durrell, NF

LARGO- owned by Denise Wheeler and Terry Tavenor of St.John's.

MAGGIE lives with her 4-legged brother, Miko, and Glen and Cindy Smith of Paradise, NF

HARLEY and Caleb- This picture is priceless!
Harley figures that he can do anything Caleb can do!
Harley lives in Clarke's Beach with Paddy, Leslie, and new brother Caleb Healey.

JAZZY- lovingly owned by special mom, Lesley.

BAILEY (LEAWOOD)- means the world to his owners, Chris and Lois Leawood, of Brampton, Ont. Bailey is also spoiled by his Nanny, Lois' mom. As a puppy, Bailey received points towards his Canadian Championship.
~~Rest in Peace~~

AMORA-- lives with a wonderful animal-loving family....Gary, Bobbie, and Melanie Barnes,
the Bernese Mt Dogs, the cats, horses, and so on.
I'd bet that she rules the roost!

KAITLYN- lives a great life in Botwood with her family, the Riches'..Derek, Phyllis and Allison.
~~Rest in Peace, Kaitlyn. The Groveshire Gang (and Preston and I) will miss your many visits~~

ZOE- proud owners are Dave, Wavey and Crystal Stockley of St.John's,NL.

Misty wasn't bred by us..she was bred by a dear friend, Linda Dahn of Aero Yorkies.
Misty was retired here in Newfoundland with a great family, Edith and Barry Mercer.

BROOKS- lovingly owned by Robin & Jason Noseworthy. She lives in St.John's.

PRECIOUS- lives in ST.John's with her owners, Mr.and Mrs.Belbin

CEILIDH- lives in Corner Brook with her mom, Robin Rendell

AMBER- lives in Grand Falls with Debra and Dr. Larry Alteen (and family, of course). Amber had obtained 5 points towards her Canadian Championship before going to this great home.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"
~Anatole France