I looked up at the sky tonight
and saw a bright new Star.
As it shimmered in the night
it whispered from afar.

Tell mom and dad that I'm alright.
That I'm forever near.
That they're forever in my sight.
And not to shed a tear.

For I was doomed from the start
And nothing they could do
Could keep me from Heaven's heart
Or the sky, so blue.

While I was there on the earth
They made my life so full
of kindness, laughter, love and merth.
With them, all Yorkies rule.

The warmth and saftey of Dad's lap
Would soothe my aching soul.
I chose this place for my naps
Til rainbow bridge did toll.

Mom's gentle hands upon my head,
A voice to tickle my ears.
Would caress away all my dred
And scare away all fears.

And as I looked upon this Star
That twinkled new and bright,
As whispers faded from afar,
I knew that Star was right.

Though these two hearts were broken
By the void Star left behind.
That the voice from Heaven heard spoken
Only knew the best from humankind.

Author unknown

Groveshire Yorkshire Terriers, Newfoundland, Canada