Thoughts to Think About

Thoughts To Think About While Holding The Cutest Puppy In The World. . .And Wondering If You Should Get Involved. . .

How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

Will I love you when you puddle for nineteen continuous days
on that gorgeous Indian blanket that my friends have all admired?

Will I love you when I find you on my pillow when you're tired?

Will I love your muddy pawprints when you chase a butterfly
from the garden through the kitchen when the floor wax isn't dry?

Will I love you when you're shedding and all day I vacuum hair?
When in digging you demolish ten begonias raised with care?

Will I love you just past midnight when I let you out
and then I let you in then let you out then let you in again?

Will I love you when you're lunching on a twenty dollar shoe?
(True you didn't touch the other, but I sorta needed two.)

Oh, how will I love you as I go to pay the vet for binding up with tenderness
that nasty little gash you got while decorating the lawn with all our trash?

Will I love you when you're sandy, dripping water from the beach
as I chase you 'cross the carpet and you stay just out of reach?

At these times let me remember how cute you look today
and sigh and tell myself

----I love you anyway.

author unknown